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Our story…..

Nature's Elements

For long, our skin has been exposed to chemical-based products, and time has come to fight the adversaries of chemicals and harmful pollutants. BFAB products are infused with nature’s naturally sourced elements, giving special treatment to your body, it always deserved.

Your beauty regime till now, perhaps included chemicals that were heavy on your skin and closed its pores, from breathing. Time to make a conscious switch, to a healthier and natural product, for glowing, healthy and beautiful skin, forever.

Moto is purity

We rely on natural elements and their inherent purity to formulate these body care elixirs. The purpose is to give you something that is simple, straightforward and easy to trust.


A greener future with renewable natural resources in abundance, is a reality, all humans are yearning and working for, for their future generations. BFAB promises to stay true to its commitment to have a responsible supply chain with minimal environmental impact and maximum social benefits to offer, up its sleeves.

The brand continues to maintain long-term relationships with its suppliers who stand for ethical and sustainable sourcing, manufacturing and retailing of our products.

Transparent trade

The brand strongly believes in honouring transactions be it suppliers or patrons and also its varied relationships. For want of customers to make right and informed choices, BFAB prints clear labels on all there product packages, listing its true ingredients.

Ethically Strong

BFAB is the child of a morally run business! The brand has zero tolerance towards chemicals, parabens, SLSs and has strong views against animal testing.

Committed R&D

The brand is extremely cautious of the impact their products will make across the globe. So, during product development, a strong emphasis is laid on the evaluation of the nourishing aspects of various ingredients. A team of like-minded, highly qualified beauty specialists and industry experts are applying cutting-edge scientific research and development, to create a line of body care products that are not just ‘fab’ but can be gladly trusted to ‘B-FAB’ every day.


A successful entrepreneur since 2011,Shangril has the right acumen to make informed decisions in the field of pharmaceuticals.The zeal to create healthy and purest formulas,using natural and organic products,persuaded Shangril to establish BFAB.His commitment is to manufacture products of the highest quality and with best sourced natural ingredients,without any compromise.


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